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About Word Counter

SEOToolsPedia brings free online calculator which is used to the count the number of words in any text.  The online Word Counter is really helpful in multiple scenarios.

  • Anyone writing for you and you want to count words of his write up.
  • Your peers working on your blog post you can calculate the number of words your peer write.
  • The scope of the Online Word Counter is beyond the scope and can be used by anyone either teacher, student, blogger, or any curious person.

Don’t Hesitate, feel free to use the Online Word Counter and count number of words in your document.

You just need simply to copy and paste the text from any other program. You can also write up here. When you have done with the writing click on the word count button in order to start word count.

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The word limit for a dissertation is usually between 3,000 and 8,000; for a Personal Statement in a job application 600. To avoid exceeding your word limit, try to replace phrases with single words, avoid pleonasms, check the voice of your verbs, and (more importantly) sleep on it. Enjoy Online Word Counter.