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About Website Screenshot Generator

Website Screenshot generator tool is a useful tool which is used to generate Screenshots of a website. This tool is very useful in many situations. Like if you want to see the last screenshot that Google has taken off your website on its crawler’s last visit. By using this tool you can do an online screenshot sharing with the site developer and exchange ideas on it. Or you may need the screenshots to see the changes or maintain a history of them.

SEOToolsPedia Website Screenshot Generator tool is a simple fast and reliable tool. The user just needs to put the website URL in the text box of the tool and press submit button. It will show the result in just a few seconds. The tool will return the screenshot of the website. You can copy and paste it on to your computer. The user can use these screenshots when you are developing a website for the organization you work for and want to show them the screenshots of the site to get other people’s input.

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