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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting Tool is used to write long Dynamic URL into the static ones. SEOToolsPedia has launched it with more functionality. The Free URL Rewriting Tool will help you a lot in converting your long dynamic URL into small and static URLs. URL Rewriting is really important in the world of SEO. The URL of any webpage should be search engine friendly. And Search Engines prefer short static URL more than dynamic long URL. It is one of the ranking factors in Search Engines.  

Developing a website and let it be ready for the Google Search Engines and another search engine is really time taking process. It takes a lot of efforts. Even you can’t ignore the very small details such as dynamic URLs. It can help a lot in getting traffic to your website.

So if you are having any dynamic URL on your website then why are you waiting for? Just convert now all the dynamic long URLs into short Static URL with the help of this URL Rewriting Tool.

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