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About URL Encoder / Decoder

URL Encoder/ Decoder tool is the very helpful tool if you want to add some special characters in a URL parameter. URL Encoding process involves replacement of unallowable characters with a % and additional two hexadecimal values. Online URL encoding is a procedure for encoding specific information in a Uniform Resource Identifier in Definite situations. Even though it is widely known as URL encoding. It is generally used within the main uniform Resource Identifier set which contains both uniform Resource locator and uniform Resource name.

SEOToolsPedia URL Encoder/ Decoder tool is very reliable for encoding and decoding URL. The tool is very easy to use. The user just needs to enter the text which he wants to encode and decode. And the tool will show the result in no time. The tool will turn the encoded JavaScript URL to a readable text. URL normally contains a non-alpha numeric letter or character that will be encoded into % followed by few alphanumeric text. And the white spaces in a text will be encoded by “+” symbol.

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