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About Search Engine Spider Simulator

Do you ever think about what the Search Engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo do with your website? When these search engines crawl your website what do they look at your website? There is hell difference between how do the visitor or you look website and how do the search engines crawler view your website. Here we at SEOToolsPedia launched the Search Engine Spider Simulator which depicts clearly what the Search Engine Crawler looks at your website. For an SEO expert, it is very crucial to look at this how these search engines look at your website and what things they like most and least. You must know for better results. Here is the Search Engine Spider Simulator and he looks for the following things while crawling websites

  • Meta Content
    • Meta Title
    • Meta Description
    • Meta Keywords
  • Heading Tags
    • H1 Tag
    • H2 Tag
    • H3 Tag
    • H4 Tag
    • H5 Tag
    • H6 Tag
  • Indexable Links of the website
  • Readable Text Content
  • Source Code of your Website

Now don’t worry you can also view all of these things on your website and analyze them for betterment. All of this is possible with Search Engine Spider Simulator.

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