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Website page size checker tool is a magic tool which helps you to find out the page size of a specific URL online. If a website takes longer loading time then there is a high probability that the website have larger page size. High page size results in high bounce rate because internet users do not tend to have the patience to wait for the web page to open. Embedded videos, images, audio, graphics, flash and other forms of media can increase the size of your web page.

SEOToolsPedia Website Page Size Checker tool is a fast and very reliable tool to check website page size online. The reliability and the performance of a website are measured on the basis of the time it takes to open a specific web page. The user just needs to put web page address and the tool will give you result in just a few seconds. This tool will help you to check the website size online and improve the performance of your site by letting you know the size of your individual web pages.

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