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MozRank checker tool is used to measure the authority of a domain and web page. MozRank of a webpage is based on the similar pages on the web which are linked to that page and as well as the MozRank of those pages with links. This means that if the MozRank of the linking page is high, there is the high probability that the MozRank of receiving the page of those link will be high too.

SEOToolsPedia MozRank Checker tool is very reliable, fast and easy to use. This tool uses a unique algorithm that analyzes the links of a certain website and scores it. One can use this tool online as many times he wants for free. The user just needs to put the website URL which he wants to check in the text box of this tool and click on “Check Rank” button. The tool will give you result in just a few seconds. The result shows the MozRank which in anywhere between 1 to 10. The Mozrank score depends on the number of quality links which generate quality traffic towards your website. The higher the MozRank your website has the better is your website ranking on the internet.

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