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Online Link analyzer is the really helpful tool for SEO. With the help of online Link Analyzer, you can check the number of dead and broken links referring to your blog or website. This Online Free Link Analyzer will not only display the number of dead links or broken links but it also locates in the form of snipper where exactly they are located in your blog HTML Code. The unique feature of this Online Free SEO Tool is rising its worth. It makes it stand out among the available online Link Analyzers. This makes your work at webmaster easy you simply delete or disavow the bad or broken links. Here is the list of Online Link Analyzer Features.

  • Check the dead links refers to your website or on your website.
  • Deep scan of the webpage and unlimited time for free.
  • The Tool validates both external and internal URLs of the website.
  • Make your work easy with the Webmaster tools of search Engines.
  • Show the location of HTML code on your webpage. Easy to track back.
  • The tool is compatible with Windows, MAC, Android and IOS.
  • Just need the internet connection and a web browser.

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