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Google Index Checker is used to check the Google Index Stats of any website. Many time you want to check the index stats from the Google Index Checker through Webmaster but now you don’t have any need to login into the Webmaster again. You can access the stats of any webpage you want by using Google Index Checker of SEOToolsPedia.
The Google Index Checker Tool is widely used for the SEO purpose. It provides real valuable information regarding indexing of a website. The whole information you will get just in matter of seconds. With this Free Google Index Checker tool you can check just one URL at a time.

The tool is really very helpful for everyone who owns a website. With the help of this tool you will be able to view how many pages has been indexed by Google till now. It is very important tool because the information provided as a result is really valuable. Even though you can fix the issues on your webpages so that Google can index them as soon as possible.

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