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About Find DNS records

Over the internet millions of millions websites are live and working. These website are hosted on the web servers. And these web servers are situated over the globe. This tool will help you out to find where the website is hosted and in which country and who is service provider. All of these type of questions will be answered by the Find DNS Records of SEOToolsPedia.

The abbreviation of DNS is “Domain Name System” and this is largest digital database in the world. DNS database consist of all the information about every website that is live and operational no matter which part of this world. Each website or machine that is available to use over the internet has one unique thing and that is IP Address. DNS is used to resolve this IP Address into human understandable names like Google and name of any website.

With the help of this tool you can find each and every details related to the DNS record of website or machine since it’s live over the internet. It is really important tool to find out all the previous details of DNS Hosting and location. It will give the result in the form of table and tables comprises of all of these information.

  • Host
  • Class
  • TTL (Time to Live)
  • Type
  • Target

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