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Email Privacy is also one of the important and crucial matters regarding SEO. It is not good to give out an open email address. This practice makes the website highly vulnerable. Spammers usually use the Email Address Search Tool in order to find out the email address that is openly available on the websites. This tool can also help the webmaster in order to make out the website more secure and invulnerable. The Email Privacy is now a crucial part of SEO.

There are many reasons that SEOToolsPedia can quote and but simple is that it is not good SEO practice to provide an email id openly on any website page. One of the crucial reason is that hackers and spammers can take out the email id from the website and can use it for an illegal purpose. Use the Email Address search tool to find out the email id on your website and then take precautionary measures to solve Email Privacy Issues. Secure your emails to secure yourself and your online property. Be aware and protect your privacy.

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