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About Domain Age Checker

The tool Domain Age checker is used to find out the approximate age of the websites. The Tool “Domain Age Checker” calculate the age from the day when it is available over the internet. The tool is really helpful in finding out the competitions. How strong or weak is the competition? The domain with more age got slightly edge over the internet by the Search Engines regarding rankings. Because the old domain is considered more trustworthy by the Search Engines as compared to the new domains.

The Domain Age matters a lot. Let’s explore some more fact and figure about the Domain Age and Domain Age Checker Tool.

  • The old domains have bigger link profile. They have more referrals in form of form of backlinks as compared to the new or fresh domains.
  • The Domain Age is the major factor to build the reputation in the eyes of Search Engine.
  • An old domain got more traffic than the new or fresh domain.
  • The Age of the Domain also helps to improve the Search Engine Ranking.

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