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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code to Text Ratio Tool is used to find out the exact ratio of Code to Text. You can optimize your Code and Text by using Code to Text Ratio Tool of SEOToolsPedia. This tool of SEO basically computes the Percentage of the content in the form of text and HTML Code. Search Engines have used this algorithm to find out the relevancy of the Website.

This also gives an edge in SEO Racking if you have high Code to Text Ratio. High Code to text ratio will help you to increase the chance of website ranking. Most of the search engines utilize the Code to text ratio that’s why it gives a leading advantage over the competitors and it is user-friendly expect. Keep the high Code to Text ratio for better and good ranking.

It is very simple to use this tool. You simply have to enter the URL of any web page and click on the submit button. The system will crawl the page and process your request. You will get the following details about the web page.

  • Page Size
  • Code Size
  • Text Size
  • Code to Text Ratio

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