Class C Ip Checker

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About Class C Ip Checker

The devices that is connected with the Internet has a unique address and that address is called the IP Address. For Systems to work properly and accurately they need to locate and identify each and every IP Address over this distributed network which we called the Internet. Each node on the internet has a unique IP Address.

The IP Address is of totally 32 bit address and each IP address has 2 part the network part and the host part. In class C IP address the 24 bits belong to the network part and last 8 bits are used for host part. An example of Class C IP address is This tool is used to find out the class C IP address against each and every address. Usually these class C IP address are used in Private network or they call private class IP Address. At the router these class C IP address in translate into Public IP address which is routable over the internet. Private IP Addresses are not routable over the internet.

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