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About Broken Links Finder

Broken Links Finder Tool is used to find out the links that are broken. Suppose you click on a link and this link should take you to the particular page but instead of taking you to another webpage its shows an error message. This error message is 404 message. This 404 Error page is called Broken Link. Here are some causes which can lead you to the bear a broken link on your website.

  • The website is not available or under maintenance.
  • The corresponding web page has been deleted purposely or accidentally.
  • The permalink of the web page has been changed.
  • The Web page blocked by the network security equipment’s like firewall or by any other related software.  

When we develop a website we create it for the user. And Search engines also prefer user experience like high loading speed, no broken links. That’s why you need to optimize your website if it contains any broken links. It is very simple and easy to use Broken Links Finder tool at SEOToolsPedia. You only have to give the URL of your website it will return you the complete list of broken links at your website.

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