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Backlink checker tool is used to find out how many backlinks are directing to user’s website or blog. When one is trying to rank his website, the most important part is backlinks. High-quality backlinks help to increase the credibility of websites. Backlink must be created from those websites which have high dominance and authority. Quality of backlink matters a lot. If you generate backlink from a low-quality website it can lead to the penalty from a search engine. Because search engines have implemented an algorithm which checks the quality of a link.

SEOToolsPedia Backlink checker tool helps you to find out all the backlinks which are directing to your blog or to a specific URL. A user just needs to put the website URL in the toolbox. The tool will display all backlinks of this specific URL in just a few seconds. This tool will also show some other data related to these links. This data includes the anchor text used, Page Rank of the backlink source and potential flags or warning if any for each link. Backlink checker can help to check backlinks on your website and identify both quantity and quality.

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